Chocolat 3

($15 for Yosemite users, free for Mavericks)

Just run Chocolat › Check for Updates, or if you need to, download v3 here.

For those using 10.7/10.8, v2 is available to download here.

What's new?

but wait, there's more…
The little changes are the best…

Chocolat 3 is a big update. The upgrade costs $15 on OS X Yosemite, however we are giving it away free for Mavericks users.

So please don't be too surprised if you install Yosemite next week and Chocolat wants you to pay for the upgrade! Merci.

Chocolat 3 requires 10.9+. Sorry 10.7 users, it had to happen sooner or later.

Everybody who bought Chocolat from August 1st onwards gets a free update to 3.0.