Native text editor for Mac.

Editing Python code in Chocolat.

Code Completion

Chocolat has deep autocompletion for JS, Python, Ruby, HTML and more.

Live Error Checking

Chocolat constantly checks your code as you’re writing it.

No more interruptions from rude parse errors!

Split Editing

Viewing two files at once is easy. Just select them both in the sidebar.

We have a humble goal: to build the perfect text editor for OS X.

It should be a native Mac app and take advantage of all the latest features. No crummy ports from Windows, thank you!

You should be able to jump right in, with no setup time or learning curve. It shouldn't force you to configure anything.

We want it to work with every programming language under the sun. Be it Ruby, C++, PHP or Haskell.

Lastly, it needs to have all the features programmers wish for:

  • Psychic code completion.
  • Customizable snippets.
  • Live error checking
  • Code folding.
  • Split editing.
  • Speedy file navigation.
  • Multiple cursors and selections.
  • Rollback the clipboard.
  • System colour picker.
  • Vim keybindings.
  • Project-wide find and replace.
  • Live previewing of HTML
    and Markdown.
  • Built-in language documentation.
  • tmsyntax and tmtheme support.

— That's Chocolat! —

Projects are super easy — just drag a folder to Chocolat (or use the command-line tool)

Editing two files at once.