Release Notes + Blog

1.2August 2012  (download)

Note: We're working on a big new feature for Chocolat. While you wait, here's an update of small fixes.

Feature: "Duplicate..." context menu item

Feature: Text > Lines > Delete Line (cmd-shift-delete)

Note: Nuked "invalid" syntax highlighting from orbit.

Feature: cmd-left now goes to the end of the indentation of a line. Press it again to go to the actual start. If this feature offends you, there's a preference for it.

Note: The duplicate line action now moves the selection down an equivalent amount

Note: Selecting a line multiple times selects more and more lines

Bug: Disabled cut and copy if no text is selected

Note: Can now alt-double click on a word to create a multicursor selection of that word.

Bug: Jump to Definition didn't work unless Go to Symbol had been opened first

Bug: Double clicking in Go to File now works

Feature: Added a context menu item for Open in New Window. Previously, this was (and remains) possible by double clicking.

Bug: Can now drag project name in source list.

Bug: Indexed code completions are now scoped