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1.3.1September 2012  (download)

Feature: "Blank Tab Screen" to replace the big gray rectangle if no files are open in a tab. Shows a list of recent files (the list is persisted to disk so you get a list of the files you were working on last time a project was open). Plus there's a search field which has the full power of Go to File.

Bug: choc now opens subdirectories of a directory that's already open

Feature: Can now specify line numbers to choc by passing the -l flag, or appending a colon and the line number to the path.

Bug: Fixed a bug that prevented rich people from switching between tabs.

Note: Shows "cmd-shift-esc to cancel" in the status bar when in multicursor mode

Bug: choc now creates intermediate directories

Feature: Notifies if the choc CLI is out of date

Bug: Disabled automatically showing the project bar for files in temporary locations

Crash: Fixed crash in code completion when manually invoking when multiple lines were selected

Crash: Fixed crash when dragging certain items in the source list

"Nothing selected" + CLI improvements

We've just pushed Chocolat 1.3.1. Here's a little of what's new:

Chocolat now shows a list of recently edited files if nothing else is open (previously it was just a boring gray rectangle).

Nothing selected

There's also a search field to search the whole project, just like Go to File.

Additionally, we've made some improvements to the choc CLI tool:

  • Pass the -l or --line option (or append a colon and the line number) to open the file at a particular line.
  • Chocolat notifies you if choc is out of date.
  • choc now creates intermediate directories if they don't already exist.

Full release notes here.