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1.3.2September 2012  (download)

Feature: Image previews

Feature: Hide line numbers

Feature: Drag to reorder active files

Feature: Subword movement using alt-ctrl-left/right (or ctrl-left/right you have that system shortcut disabled in System Preferences)

Bug: Code completion moves above current line if clipped by bottom of screen

Bug: Allow tabbing into document from find bar replace field

Image previews, reorder active files, subword movement

Just had enough time to squeeze in another update this week: 1.3.2.

Headline feature of the update is the ability to preview images. Selecting an image in the source list will show a preview:

Image preview

One of the most requested changes has been to be able to drag-to-reorder active files.

Screenshot of reordering active files

Finally, you can now move between SubWords using ctrl-alt-left/right (it's also possible to use ctrl-left/right, though you must unbind it from spaces first).

Other changes include:

  • You can now hide the line number bar.
  • Code completion is no longer clipped if it reaches the bottom of the screen, but moves above the current line.

Full release notes here.