Release Notes + Blog

1.4.3October 2012  (download)

Bug: Had a bit of a kerfuffle with this one, sorry. Undo and the tab key are definitely working now (but who uses those?)

Feature: Enabled spell checking for text files and similar

Bug: Disabled whitespace stripping if there are active folds

Bug: Saving multiple times would "dirty" a document if whitespace stripping was enabled

Bug: Fixed a bug where undos would not be specific to the active editor

Bug: Fixed a bug where Chocolat would not find ruby 1.9 if using rvm/rbenv

Feature: Added a preference to use PeepOpen instead of Chocolat's own Go to File

Note: Inserting a soft tab now inserts spaces up to the next tab stop.

Crash: Missing fonts (again)

Note: Added a refresh button to Go to File

Crash: Disabled the Web Inspector button on 10.8 until we can work out how to get it to work again. It was nice while it lasted...

Bug: Renaming a theme resorts the list

Bug: Comment Line handles lines with less indentation than the first one

Bug: Command forward delete deletes the rest of the line