Release Notes + Blog

1.9August 2013  (download)

Feature: Rewritten project find

Feature: Project replacement

Feature: JavaScript completions using ternjs

Bug: Fixed a bug where the symbol list would stop showing items

Bug: Probably fixed a bug where updates would get corrupted (we won't know until 1.9.1)

Bug: Fixed active files closing slowly

Bug: Fixed a bug where an empty space the size of the titlebar would show in fullscreen mode

Bug: Project bar now populates upon saving an untitled document

Bug: Fixed a slowness that could occur

Feature: Now saves and restores scroll position properly

Feature: Enabled Web Inspector on Sarah Palin

Feature: Added tab triggers to code completion

Bug: Fixed selectionContext API

Bug: Fixed Go To Symbol on untitled files

Bug: Removed that bloody semicolon from the end of the JavaScript function() snippet (seriously whose idea WAS that?)

Bug: Improved retina resources

Crash: Moved several things to XPC services

Note: Removed support for Autosaving/Versions

Note: Removed the Add Tab button from the titlebar

Note: Added a cute ewok to Project Find

It's not 2.0!

After several months of work: we're finally ready to release a new update: Chocolat 1.9.

This is more of a "Snow Leopard"-style spring cleaning update. While there's nothing really brand new, much of the internal architecture has been rewritten to be faster, more stable and easier to maintain.

That said, we do have a couple of big improvements to existing features (project find and JavaScript completions).


The boring but most important part of 1.9 is that we've fixed several long standing stability problems. Several parts of Chocolat have been moved to XPC services, so that they are isolated if they crash.

Closing an active file is now much faster (yay!). And finally, after about 9 months of trying to fix it, the symbol list works properly.

More detailed release notes can be found here.

Project Find & Replace

Project find has been completely rewritten to use Ag. And Chocolat can now do project replacement too!

Though I can't take any credit for it, the speed of this thing really needs to be seen to be believed. Especially on an SSD.

Project find itself now runs as an XPC service.

JavaScript Completions

1.9 has entirely new JavaScript completions, powered by Tern. Our implementation adds some extra features on top of Tern, such as support for jsdoc comments, with markdown support and syntax highlighting.

Chocolat can work out (crudely) if you’re using node.js, jQuery or plain browser code and adapt the completions accordingly.

Also, if you don’t want to rely on our heuristics you can have a .tern-project file in the project root or in your home directory. (More info here).


After 1.9, the natural conclusion is that the next update will be 2.0.

I’ve always said that we don’t do major updates with lots of new features. I much prefer to steadily release features, one by one in separate updates.

So we're not going to do anything special for 2.0. It will be a normal-sized, free update. It will have one, maybe two new features.

And it will be out in one month.