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3.0October 2014  (download)

Note: This update costs $15 for Yosemite users. But is free to use on Mavericks.

Note: Yosemite support.

Note: Now uses ARC instead of GC.

Feature: Mixins are now process-separated.

Feature: Git gutter. Shows the changes you make, relative to the last Git commit.

Feature: CSS live preview. Web preview updates CSS as-you-type, even if it's in a separate file. There's no need to save to see changes.

Feature: Corrected wrap guideline. Works better than the old one (which isn't saying much).

Feature: Padding at the bottom of the editor.

Note: Padding and wrap guidelines are configurable through View menu/Margin Preferences.

Feature: Proper code completion for JavaScript callback functions.

Feature: Multicursor mode works with text actions such as uppercase, reverse, indent, etc.

Bug: Turned off code completion when in multicursor mode.

Feature: cmd-alt-dot is back after an extended absence (it had to be reimplemented).

Bug: esc-completion matches case properly.

Feature: Added Git Tower to the context menu.

Feature: Errors and Warnings window - see a list of all errors and warnings in your document.

Feature: Double click on an error to Google it.

Feature: Rust and Swift syntax highlighting. Live error checking for Rust.

Note: Changed system requirements, now requires 10.9+