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3.1.7November 2015  (download)

Bug: Oops, remove a few nonsense CSS properties that got worked their way into the css completions yesterday.

Bug: Show code completion even if the full property name has been typed out

Note: Yesterday's update in case you missed it:

Feature: Actions now default to Python 3 if installed. Use virtualenvs to specify otherwise

Feature: Text -> Insert -> Counter (cmd-alt-3). Inserts 1, 2, 3, ... in multicursor mode.

Note: Added HTML main element to code completion.

Note: Added new CSS properties and bleeding edge vendor prefixes

Note: More memory usage improvements in syntax highlighting.

Note: Version 3.x added Yosemite support and costs $15 (if you already bought it then please ignore this message). There is no charge to use 3.x on Mavericks.